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If you've been looking for a sewage pump for your home

If you've been looking for a sewage pump for your home, a submersible sewage pump may be the perfect solution. Submersible pumps are hermetically sealed and feature a submerged pump assembly and motor. When the pump is submerged in a sewage fluid, it works at a high level to remove waste from a sewer or a sewage treatment plant. Unlike other pumps, a submersible sewage pump can be installed anywhere, even in confined spaces.
If you live in a house that has a sump, a submersible sewage pump will prevent a potential fire in your basement. Water is a known short circuiting agent for electrical and electronic equipment. These pumps keep water away from this equipment and reduce the risk of a fire. There are three different types of lids for submersible sewage pumps. To check if your pump is properly protected from ground faults, remove the lid.
While there are several advantages to using a submersible sewage pump, they have some disadvantages. For one, they're easier to use, which saves energy. Furthermore, they don't need to be primed before use. Other downsides of a submersible sewage pump include leakages and corrosion. The price is higher than a non-submersible pump, but they're worth it for a high-quality system.
When purchasing a submersible sewage pump, you should choose the motor size that's best suited for the job. Most pumps come with a power cord with Type A or B plug, and they're compatible with most U.S. residential electrical wall outlets. The smallest submersible pumps typically run in small residential settings and are a good choice for light commercial applications. Once installed, they will remove sewage solids from your drainage system, without clogging.
High-head effluent pumps are usually used behind aerobic systems and a drip irrigation system. However, some aerobic systems elevate their bottom suction units with a PVC pipe spacer. Unfortunately, this type of pump is only available in 20 GPM models.
An ejector/solids handling pump, also known as a grinder pump, works differently than a sewage pump. The difference is that the former uses a metal blade to break down solids so that the pump will have a more efficient discharge. The latter, however, is generally more appropriate for commercial settings. Its size also means that you can choose the pump based on your needs and the size of your home's waste system.
If your home doesn't have a gravity-based drainage system, you'll need to purchase a sewage pump to keep your property connected to the sewer. A sewage pump is a great way to maintain a connection to the sewer system without digging out a large area. However, make sure you get a good service for your pump. This will help keep your property safely connected to the sewer system. It is also important to choose a company with excellent service and warranties.

Italian designed High Pressure Electric Non-clogging submersible sewage pump
Sewage Pump
  • DN Range of Discharing Pipe: 25-600 mm (1"-24")
  • Flow Capacity Range: 0-5500 m3/h
  • Head/Pressure Range: 1-10Bar
  • Power Range: 0.75-550kw
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  • Two patents:1.Outlet can be connected with flange PN6 or PN10. 2.It’s installed with special 0-ring seal between the outlet and the flange, which can enhance waterproof.
  • First our water pump has a special appearance design.And our motor with YE3 high efficient motor with protection IP68 class B adopts a new design, so that the pump can save electricity and discharge water more efficiently. Our handles use a special spraying technology, which makes the handles with corrosion resistance ,friction resistance, and a longer service life.
  • We use epoxy resin potting inside the cable to prevent water from the motor and prolong the service life of the water pump.Our rotor is made of 304 stainless steel, which can enhance the anti-rust ability of the shaft and increase the service life.
  • The pump could delivery water with temperature not higher than 40 ºC.
  • This submersible sewage pump can be used for waste water treatment,drainage of wastewater from individual residences,transferring wastewater from federal,state and local parks.