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  • IE3/IE2 High Efficiency Three Phase Induction Motor

    IE3/IE2 High Efficiency Three Phase Induction Motor

    YE3(IE3)/YE2(IE2) high efficiency three phase induction electric motor,with the latest design in its entirety, is made of selected quality materials and conforms to the IEC standard. It has good performance, safety and reliable operation, nice appearance, and can be maintained very conveniently. It can be used to drive a variety of general mechanical equipment, such as compressors, fans, pumps and other mechanical equipment, but also in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other fields.
  • YC/YL Capacitor Single Phase Asynchronous Motor

    YC/YL Capacitor Single Phase Asynchronous Motor

    YC/YL single phase induction motor, which is designed and manufactured according to IEC standard. It has the advantage of good performance, safe and reliable operation, nice appearance, convenient maintenance. It is widely used in air compressors, pumps, fans , refrigerator, medical instruments, small-size machine etc, especially for the occasion where only single phase power supply is available.
  • NEMA standard Singel Phase Motor

    NEMA standard Singel Phase Motor

    NEMA standard single phase motor with steel frame, widely used in compressors, pumps, pressure washer and other applications requiring high starting torque and breakdown torques, relativel clean and dry working environments are needed.

HOT PRODUCTSwelcome to our shop

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Electric Motor Manufacturers

Yeschamp is professional China Electric Induction Motor Manufacturers and 1-3 Phase Electric Motor factory. Our quality pumps and engines export to more than 60 countries with competitive price.

Our main products are centrifugal pumps, fire pumps and system, industrial pumps, domestic pumps,sewage pumps, solar pumps, irragation pumps, motors and engines for pumps. We also designed and customer-built a wide range of fire pumps sets.

Yeschamp has its own factory 'Purity Pump' which has more than 10 years of pumps and motors production experience. And Purity Pump has been nominated as Chinese National High-tech Enterprise. We have over 200 employees, 20 engineers, 50 technicians, 10 after-sale service workers, and 20 salesmen which can provide our customers with one-stop full service. We also OEM/ODM Electric Motor

Yeschamp has experienced sales team, professional technician and after-sale service team which can provide our customers with one-stop full service.

Yeschamp also has hundreds of cooperative factories and thousands of goods that can provide our clients with multiple choices, comparable prices,good service and best quality.

Yeschamp sales staff can provide 24 Hours One-stop Service from quotation, order fulfillment to inspection, certification, freight, etc.

Yeschamp also has experienced QC and QA staff which ensure strict quality control and inspection. We have the latest technology and quality custom Electric Motor allowing us to give our customers the best service. We also focus on the feedback of all clients to ensure that equipments supplied are efficiently running and properly used.

With the tenet of ‘Innovation, High Quality, Customer Satisfication’, we are striving for the top-ranking brand of pumps and engines. And we are dedicated to the continual improvement of our customer service, products and credit.

Our target is to solve all the problems from our customers and make the best choice for them.

  • YesChamp IMP & EXP (Taizhou) Co., LTD.


    We have a complete quality control process strictly control every procedure of production to ensure reliable quality.

  • YesChamp IMP & EXP (Taizhou) Co., LTD.


    We have professional R&D and production team, 250+ workers, 12 workshops, and 30000+ monthly output.

  • YesChamp IMP & EXP (Taizhou) Co., LTD.


    We have experienced service team which can provide one-stop service from quotation, orders to certificates and freight.


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We have various international Certificates such as ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001:2007 Safety Management System, CE for pumps,CCCF and NFPA20 standard for fire pumps, IECEE and CB for Saber, SONCAP and PVOC for African Market, etc.

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