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Nonegative Pressure Water Supply Equipment Wholesale

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  • Nonegative Pressure Water Supply Equipment
  • Nonegative Pressure Water Supply Equipment
  • Nonegative Pressure Water Supply Equipment
  • Nonegative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

Nonegative Pressure Water Supply Equipment

Material:Stainless Steel
Application:Commercial Buildings, Family Homes, Food and Beverage Industry, Irrigation and Agriculture, Washing and Cleaning, Water Distribution
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Advantages of no negative pressure water supply equipment

1.Highly automated
The system can realize automatic control, with manual/automatic switch, main and auxiliary pump timing rotation, pressure adjustment, constant pressure, high and low point pressure protection, under-phase protection, leakage protection, overload protection, overheating protection, water protection, no water stop pump, instantaneous trip protection and other functions. In addition, man-machine interface can be configured according to user requirements, visual remote adjustment, monitoring and maintenance.
All parts are made of German technology, stainless steel and other food grade materials, in line with international wading
sanitation standards. The box-type no negative pressure device ensures that the water stored in the tank is automatically updated every day by users, and the closed no negative pressure device curses real-time changes, ensuring water sanitation.

3.Use cost
The use of the best quality parts, is to save the use of all customers failure rate, so as to reduce the use of customers without negative pressure series products when the cost and maintenance costs.
4. Energy saving
The separate control technology of the pump of the non-negative pressure water supply equipment makes the water supply system run with full frequency conversion and overcomes the power waste caused by the minimum frequency limit of the motor. The product is more than 50% energy-saving than the domestic constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment.

We have ISO, CE, CCCF, CB certificates, and we are preparing for UL at present. And we can make certificates like PVOC, PCOC, and SONCAP to help our clients with clearance. YesChamp is advanced Nonegative Pressure Water Supply Equipment suppliers and wholesale Nonegative Pressure Water Supply Equipment manufacturers, have been export to more than 60 countries with competitive price. OEM/ODM order? Pls contact us for design details, and we will quote you reasonable prices and make samples for you ASAP. We have R&D team.