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How to Properly Prime a Self Priming JET Pump

The self priming JET pump is a great choice for domestic water supply applications. The pump is extremely reliable, with excellent suction capabilities. Its ejector creates a vacuum inside the suction line of the pump, causing liquid to be drawn from the sump up into the pump's elevation. In addition, the pump also has a manual on/off switch, which makes it convenient to operate.
Self-priming JET pumps can function in a range of fluids, such as water and air. The impeller rotates counterclockwise in order to start. When the pump is first turned on, fluid flows from the impeller through the volute into the discharge cavity. The air then escapes through the air release port and the fluid returns to the pump through the recirculation port.
While centrifugal self-primers can lift water up to six metres, they have much less lifting power than their liquid counterparts. To properly prime a self-priming pump, check the discharge and suction lines for leaks or plugged impeller eyes. Checking these two components is essential to ensuring the pump will work as advertised.
In order to ensure that the self-priming JET pump will work reliably, it needs to be properly primed. The process involves expulsion of air and gas from the suction area of the pump, and replacing the liquid with the same pressure. Otherwise, the pump will overheat and damage critical internal pump components.
Ensure that the discharge line is clean, dry, and air-tight. The suction side of the pump must not have air trapped in it, as it would increase the pressure and cause the fluid to flow up the suction line. It is also important to minimize the volume of piping on the suction side of the pump. Having a large volume of piping will increase the time it takes to prime the pump. A longer priming time can cause the liquid charge to evaporate.
Self-priming centrifugal pumps are very convenient and versatile. These pumps do not require a bottom valve on the pipeline, and they have a long life span. Self-priming pumps can be easily primed with a liquid or gas. Some types of self-priming centrifugal pumps have a liquid reservoir built into their body. The liquid reservoir is located in front or above the impeller.
When choosing a self-priming pump, it is important to consider the amount of water the pump can handle at a time. The inlet hose needs to be long enough to accommodate the flow. The inlet pipe also needs to be at least four feet in diameter. Self-priming JET pumps can achieve up to 164ft of suction.
Self-priming JET pumps can run in the presence of air bubbles, making them perfect for residential applications. They are also highly efficient and quiet.

Water Pump Self-priming Jet Pumps

Domestic Pump
  • DN Range of Suction: 1"-1.25"
  • DN Range of Discharing: 1"-1.25"
  • Flow Capacity Range:1-2.5 m3/h
  • Head/Pressure Range: 10-65 m
  • Power Range: 0.37-2.2Kw
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  • JET self-priming pumps are equipped with waterproof plug&switch, widely used in domestic and civil area. It is suitable for water supplying in domestic installations, water intake from well, small-scale agriculture watering, garden and fountain water supplying and also can be assembled as a pump station for water supplying automatically.
  • We use cold rolled silicon steel sheet with low temperature,high efficiency and long service life.The water pump automatically stops to prevent the burning machine during abnormal operation such as the overload of the card machine.
  • We use the built-in thermal protector for single phase IE 2 motor (Three phase, power ≥ 0.75KW).The protection class is IPX4 and Insulation class:F
  • We use copper winding and C&U bearing,also the material of the accessories could be selected by the customer.
  • Suitable for transferring water without abrasive particles or other liquid whose properties are similar to water.Widely used in garden irrigation, vegetable greenhouse water supply, breeding industry water supply and drainage, various corollary equipment,etc.
    The pump could delivery water with temperature not higher than 60 ºC. Total suction lift up to 9m