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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

A horizontal centrifugal pump is one of the most common types of pumps, but they are not as common as they used to be. The main benefit of this pump type is that it is a non-submersible device, and the main drawback is that it is inefficient for transferring flammable liquids or solids. The other advantage of a horizontal centrifugal pump is that it can handle high viscosities . In addition, these pumps can last much longer than their submersible counterparts.
A horizontal centrifugal pump's casing, also known as the volute, contains the fluid and acts as a pressure containment device. It is designed with a funnel-like shape and gradually increases toward the discharge port. The impeller is surrounded by a diffuser, a set of stationary vanes that reduces the fluid velocity in order to convert it to pressure. This pump is very effective in transferring high-density fluids.
When a horizontal centrifugal pump is not operating properly, there could be several reasons why it has stopped working. Insufficient fluid in the pump's casing or too high a total head can cause the pump to fail. This can be solved by reducing the suction lift, or replacing the impeller. You can also check if the pump has a foot valve. If the pump is not working properly, the impeller may be clogged and you'll have to dismantle it to replace it.
One of the main benefits of using a horizontal centrifugal pump is its ease of installation and maintenance. Installing a horizontal centrifugal pump is much simpler than installing a vertical one, and it has a lower headroom than a vertical pump. However, it has a lower operating pressure and requires more space. Therefore, horizontal centrifugal pumps are not suitable for all applications. These pumps are suited for applications that require high suction pressure.
Both horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps can be installed in pipelines. They are characterized by the same diameter at the inlet and outlet. They can be installed in a pipeline as valves. As the impeller of a vertical centrifugal pump is directly mounted to the motor shaft, the structure of the horizontal pump is compact and requires less space. There are different types of horizontal centrifugal pumps, and they differ in the medium in which they transfer fluid.
Another advantage of a horizontal centrifugal pump is its flexibility. It can be installed in the horizontal or vertical orientation. Depending on the application, a vertical installation will allow for easy access to the inlet. An angle of about eight degrees will allow the horizontal centrifugal pump to be installed in an angle, while a vertical arrangement will allow for easier access to the discharge. The horizontal centrifugal pump is versatile and is highly efficient.
The main disadvantage of a horizontal pump is its weight. They cannot be installed on a concrete base because their weight will increase significantly when mounted on a vertical one. Moreover, horizontal pumps cannot be self-priming, so an air ejector or electric vacuum pump will be necessary. Despite their inherent limitations, a horizontal centrifugal pump is flexible, and it can be mounted in various positions depending on the installation space. Some horizontal pumps are designed with a single outlet position, while others are designed with an inlet and outlet located in line.

End Suction Horizontal EN 733 Centrifugal Pump
  • DN Range of Suction Pipe: 50-300 mm (2"-12")
  • DN Range of Discharing Pipe: 32-250 mm (1.5"-10")
  • Flow Capacity Range: 0-1500m3/h
  • Head/Pressure Range: 0-164 m
  • Power Range: 0.75-315 Kw

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  • The pumps impeller material can be cast iron, SS304, brass.
  • Pumps of the same model have different performance levels basing on different diameter after impeller trimming .
  • Pumps are widely used in water supply and drainage for factory,mine,city and also fire-fighting and field irrigation system
  • The pumps have simple structure,reliable performance,compact size,low weight,excellent anti-cavitation,low power consumption and convenient maintenance
  • Customized design is available, OEM and ODM are welcomed.